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Please find below a brief list of  services commonly provided by CLAM teams.


Assistance in environmental licensing processes in several agencies - IBAMA, IPHAN, IEPHA, COPASA-MG, SUPRAM, CETESB, SEMAs, and in the various state environmental agencies.
Monitoring of water quality
Air pollution monitoring
Technical assessment of noise and vibration levels
Land regularization
Registration of households and residents in areas of social vulnerability
Dams emergency action plan
Registration of families in Auto Rescue and Secondary Rescue Zones
Participatory socio-environmental diagnostics
Socio-environmental perception surveys
Archaeological and cultural heritage studies
Speleological studies
Environmental Education Programs - PEA
Civil Construction Waste Management Plan - PGRCC
Service Waste Management Plan - PGRS
Health Services Waste Management Plan - PGRSS
Studies for environmental offset or conservation
Forest Inventory
Monitoring and study of ichthyofauna species
Monitoring and rescue program of run over fauna
Diagnosis, monitoring and survey of fauna and flora
Rescue of fauna and flora
Intended Use Plan - PUP
Flora Reconstitution Technical Project - PTRF
Recovery Plan for Degraded Areas - PRAD
Preliminary Environmental Report - RAP
Simplified Environmental Report - RAS
Environmental Risk Analysis
Environmental Control Report Environmental Control Plan - RCA / PCA
Environmental Impact Study and Environmental Impact Report - EIA / RIMA

Water resources

Surface and ground water grants
Studies of acid drainage in piles and tailings dams
Preparation of water balance for dams and undertakings
Characterization and diagnosis of 'background' and contaminated areas
Design and monitoring of installation of monitoring devices (piezometers, spillways, sample collection wells)
Consistency of monitoring data and interpretation of results
Elaboration of water / hydrogeological monitoring programs
Groundwater drawdown projects
Design and monitoring of drawdown test in tubular wells
Computational hydrogeological models
Conceptual hydrogeological models for Pre-Feasibility Reports
Hydrogeological inventory of springs and drains
Hydrochemical characterization of water bodies
Water abstraction (study of locational alternatives)
Assessment of surface and underground water availability


Socio-environmental compliance management
Territorial development and management
Stakeholder management
Assessment of scenarios and management of socio-environmental impacts
Expediting and inspection
Environmental audits
Contract management
Management of environmental programs.
Management of environmental conditions;
Project management and construction inspection;


Speleological studies
Curatorship of archaeological remains
Management of construction works, conservation and restoration of historical heritage
Archaeological expert reports and conduct adjustment terms
Relationship with communities and heritage education
Sociocultural, socioeconomic diagnoses and intangible heritage
Valuation of caves
Management of memorial collections
Collection of material for laboratory analysis and timestamping
Archaeological licensing and management of cultural heritage
Preparation and effective development of Civil Construction Waste Management Plans for infrastructure works and buildings that seek Leed - Green Building Council certification or other
Specialized technical consultancy for the implementation of social projects, Social Action Plans, Communication and Social Mobilization Plans, Selective Waste Collection Plans and Management Plans and their execution
Development of detailing designs for waste storage systems
Dimensioning and definition of waste storage systems for large projects
Waste measurement services for checking gravimetric composition
Preparation of studies for environmental licensing of sanitary landfills, controlled landfills, temporary storage systems, waste transportation and biogas production
Environmental Studies/Projects/Plans for Urban Licensing purposes related to solid waste:
Development and implementation of Mobilization Plans and Selective Waste Collection Plans for large urban facilities such as shopping malls, hospitals and educational institutions
Land and real estate title regularization
Physical, property and document registration, and feasibility studies
Topographic survey and georeferencing of rural and urban properties
Support for improvement in ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) indicators of companies
Development of conceptual and detailed design for solid waste landfills, sanitary landfills and controlled landfills
Preparation of Solid Waste Management Plans

Quality Management System

CLAM’s intention is to maintain its  Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17.025, since its implementation is essential for the excellence of services,  guaranteeing the production of consistent results, ensuring data impartiality  and confidentiality, as well as continued client satisfaction.